Drinks Trolley

It is safe to say that in the modern workplace, between the dawn of technology and the advent of design, we can sometimes lose some of the little things that go a very long way. But one of them is about to make a triumphant return.

With origins dating back to WWII, a tea person was a kind of community maker to office culture. Later popularised in the 70s but today reimagined by 25 EP, our drinks trolley promises to bring back both convenience and glamour in equal measures.

Our housekeepers provide drinks service each day of the week, serving everything from teas and coffees to beer and wine – especially for our members. A reinterpretation of the old-world drinks trolley – our trolley is not only strikingly designed but also stocked well enough to make even a 70s London executive blush. Bringing everything you need to a convenient place – wherever you are.

Available Monday to Friday and serving teas, coffees and cold drinks.